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Established in 1967, the American Studies Program at Michigan State University offers students the opportunity to examine American culture in all its diversity from an interdisciplinary perspective. While the disciplines of history, literature, material culture, and museum studies have traditional appeal, we encourage our students to combine disciplines in non-traditional ways by drawing upon the resources of the entire university. Distinguished faculty offer courses in a wide variety of disciplines and interdisciplinary themes that probe the cultural and social dynamics of American civilization. Because of the program's flexibility, you may pursue your intellectual interests in areas as diverse as popular culture, ethnic studies, women's studies, Native American studies, science and technology studies, and African-American studies. Michigan State University's American Studies Program attracts American and international students from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds. Besides access to its faculty, MSU provides other resources to individuals interested in studying American culture. The MSU libraries contain more than four million volumes as well as the Russel B. Nye Popular Culture Collection and the National Voice Library.

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2002 Russel B. Nye Lecture
by Ann Fabian


19th Century American Painting at Kresge Art Museum


G. Robert Vincent Voice Library


MSU Libraries


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Lunch Lectures
by program affiliated faculty