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Interactive Archaeological Knowledge System

What is iAKS

iAKS — or the Interactive Archaeological Knowledge System — is a web and client based application that helps archaeologists collect, archive and analyze data faster and easier. It's portable, cross platform and completely customizable to the needs of individual users and projects. iAKS data is stored in an open, XML format which can be shared and accessed across networks for comparison and further analysis from other researchers.

How does it work

iAKS is comprised of both a client (desktop) application and a web based application (accessed in a browser). Each can run independently of the other and are really two completely different applications. The client application is built on Adobe's AIR platform and is used primarily for collecting and visualizing data. The web-based application allows clients to connect their applications to a central server for sharing and archiving data. Multiple projects can then be accessed together for cross-project data comparison.

How do I get it

iAKS is still in the early stages of development and is currently being proposed in papers at ICHIM and the Society for American Archaeology Meeting. Although a distribution model has not been agreed upon, public betas will be available for testing and feedback when development reaches that stage.

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Download the iAKS white-paper:
PDF Version


A public beta is not available at this time.



10.25 — iAKS has recently been accepted to the 2008 Society for American Archaeology Meeting in Vancouver, Canada as a presentation in the Web 2.0 and Beyond session.