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Art History Directories

Art History Resources on the Web - A very large, well-organized index of links to art history resources on the web. Includes a good number of non-European art history links. (

Voice of the Shuttle; Art and Art History - Meta-index of links to just about every art and art history resource on the web. Searchable. (

The Art History Research Page - Search Engines, Newsgroups, Mailing Lists, Library Catalogues, Article Indexes, Collections, Citing, and other sources. (

Mother of All Art History Link Pages - A sampling of art history departments, research resources, resources for visual collections, image collections and online art, a sampling of online exhibits, sites of the sacred, art museums, and textual and linguistic resources. (

The History of Art Virtual Library - Covers Art History and computer applications in Art History. Aims to list sites relevant to people with a general interest in the subject as well as to students and scholars of Art History. (

Academic Directories - A online catalog of academic websites related to art history. All the sites are reviewed and catalogued by university experts. From a joint project between University of Oxford, Stanford University, and Yale University. The site also contains a Learning Guide on Art History. (

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