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US History and Politics Out Loud - A collection of audio materials from presidential libraries and other archives in RealAudio format. (

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- US Supreme Court Cases. (

U.S. Labor and Industrial History Audio Project - Recordings relating to American labor history. (

Pluralism and Unity - Exploring the idea of Americanism in the early part of the 20th century. With audio clips from figures such as Jane Addams, Samuel Gompers and Woodrow Wilson. (

The History Channel - Short clips from three categories: Politics & Government, Science & Technology, and Arts, Entertainment & Culture. (

John F. Kennedy - From the Kennedy Library. Samples of recordings of President Kennedy's meetings, conversations, phone calls and dictation. Tapes include conversations with Presidents Hoover, Eisenhower & Truman. (

Vincent Voice Library - Samples from the collections at the MSU Libraries. (

Historic Audio Archives - A hodge-podge of mostly short audio clips and some video. Includes among others Richard Nixon, Joe McCarthy, and Leon Trotsky. (

Great speeches - A few excerpts and some complete speeches from American history, 1940s through the 1990s. (

National Gallery of the Spoken Word - From Thomas Edison's first cylinder recordings, to the voices of Babe Ruth and Florence Nightingale, and Studs Terkel's timeless interviews, the National Gallery of the Spoken Word (NGSW) will preserve and, within the limits of copyright law, make these and other historically significant voice recordings freely available and easily accessible via the Internet. The NGSW will create a significant, fully searchable, online database of spoken word collections that span the 20th century. The project is in the early stages of its development. (

EarthStation1: The History Sounds & Pictures Page
- Audio, video, and still images from American and world history. Organized by the potpourri principle. (

Harappa - Glimpses of South Asia before 1947. With short audio files of notables like Gandhi, Jinnah, and Nehru. Also images and movies. (

Storytelling of the North Carolina Native Americans - Stories from Cherokee, Lumbee, and Occaneechi tradition. Sound and video. (

History Happens: Cool Stories! - Stories from American History presented in musical format. Interesting approach. (

Radio Advertising Bureau Collection - Samples of vintage radio commercials from the University of Maryland Library of American Broadcasting. (

Radio Days - A great repository of 20th century American radio. Categories include radio news (with historic broadcasts from reporters such as Edward R. Murrow and Eric Sevareid), mystery, private eyes, comedy, and science fiction. (

National Public Radio - Search and listen to the archives of programs like Talk of the Nation, The Diane Rehm Show, and All Things Considered, and Morning Edition. (

Normandy: 1944 - A virtual march through the World War II invasion by means of photos, articles and essays, interactive maps, audio and video clips, and transcripts of first-person accounts. (

The Whole World Was Watching: an oral history of 1968 - The resource contains transcripts, audio recordings, and edited stories of a series of interviews conducted in the spring of 1998. Members of the Sophomore Class at SKHS interviewed Rhode Islanders about their recollections of the year 1968. (

Voices from Beijing - A series of interviews from participants at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women, including Bella Abzug. (

The Archer Audio Archive - Lots of historical sound clips including Martin Luther King Jr., many US presidents, Thomas Edison, The Beatles, and many other people. (

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