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Voice of the Shuttle; Media Studies; Film/Video - An extensive listing of links to various film resources. Better annotated than most VoS pages, but still leaves something to be desired in that department. Sub-categories include: General Film/Video Resources; Film History; Contemporary Film; Film Theory; and Film Studies Depts. (

CineMedia - Claims to be the Internet's largest film and media directory, and one is tempted to believe it. This fully searchable site contains a massive amount of links in various categories, including research, but none of the links are annotated. If you know what you are looking for, go here, but don't start an undefined search at this site. (

MCS: The Media and Communications Studies Site; Film Studies - A British site (well, University of Wales, actually) well worth a try. Categories include: Film and Gender; Film-Related Newsgroups etc.; Film Genres; Film Journals, Newsletters etc.; Film Studies: General; The Film Viewer; Film Institutions; Lists of Film-Related Links; and Movie Databases. ( (a.k.a Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center); Movie House
- Contains selected links in the following categories:General; Movie Reviews and Databases; Film Festivals; International Film; Filmmakers; Film Schools; Research; Studios and Companies; Specific Films; Film Societies and Associations; Magazines and E-zines. Also articles on film history and theory. (

Film Studies Resources - A sizable list of links with minimal descriptions. From the University of Iowa's Communication Studies. (

Internet Movie Database - A data base of current movies and movie related things. (

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