Matrix Resources

Linguistics and Languages Directories

The Yamada Language Center - Contains resources for 115 languages, as well as fonts. (

The Linguist List - "The aim of the list is to provide a forum where academic linguists can discuss linguistic issues and exchange linguistic information." Links to papers, online resources, conferences, publishers, and other resources. (

CALL Links and other Net Resources
- Mulilinual links, online teaching and learning links, ESL/EFL, commercial sites, and assorted odds and ends, with an emphasis on Computer Aided Language Learning (CALL) sites. (

The iLoveLanguages Page - Links on languages and literature, schools and institutions, linguistics resources, products and services, organizations, dictionaries, and jobs and internships. Formerly called the Human-Languages Page. (

Ancient Language Decipherment - Focusing on decipherment of ancient languages, especially Hebrew and Egyptian. The site contains many good linguistic related links, grouped by category. (

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