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Voice of the Shuttle; Drama, Theater, & Performance Art Studies - A variety of links on theater history, modern theater, performance practice, and other topics from this well-known University of California at Santa Barbara project.

The English Server Drama collection - A nice, searchable collection of plays, critique, and links to other theater resources. (

The WWW Virtual Library; Theatre and Drama - Pointers to resources in more than 40 countries around the world, for professionals, amateurs, academics and students of all ages. (

Scott's Theatre Links - A well-developed gateway to research resources, news and information, shows and performances, groups and organizations, etc. Searchable. (

"All the World's a Stage"
- WWW Links for Theatre History and Early Music from Centre for Research in Early English Drama | Records of Early English Drama (REED) at the University of Torornto. Categories of listings include Resources for Mediaeval and Early Modern Theatre, Shakespeare, Play Texts, Early Music and Dance, Manuscipt Repositories, Palaeography, and others. (

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